Illustrations and Photoshoots I created for the Earthday Page.

Illustrations and Photoshoots I created for the Earthday Page.

Full screen of a completed article, graphics illustrated by myself.


Roles: UI/UX Designer, Illustrator
Project Type: Collaborative

Every year for Earthday, Weather Underground would create new experiences for users to learn more about the day and climate change. This also allowed the design and engineering team to experiment with layouts and products to see our users reactions. One of our largest efforts was for Earthday 2015, we created an entire content experience. This being new for Weather Underground, curated content has never been our strong suit, we have always been the presenters of data, many times not contextualizing it. This also allowed us to not only foray into articles but also how to’s and art.

In order to build this, my small development team used a new CMS we were exploring. I helped build the tools we needed for the articles and main page in Python. We created a CMS that allowed us to put in Authors, related articles, copy, images, and ads in many different areas of the templates we created, again this was fully responsive and from a visual perspective matched our existing web framework.

For the design of the pages, we referenced many learnings from publishing companies, limiting the width of reading paragraphs and how to add in photos and pull quotes without interfering with the article. Each designer then worked with each article to create graphics for it. I had the honor on doing a collaborative how to with a fellow designer, showing how to make a closed terrarium, and the science behind it, and creating it’s own mini Personal Weather Station!

I was then responsible for formatting and loading all the articles and artwork online, and making sure that they didn’t break the layout we created.