Weather Underground Marketing campaigns

Roles: Creative Director, Designer
Project Type: Collaborative

Through the past three years, design have worked very closely with the Marketing department, in the past year and half myself and the Marketing Director have worked together on many projects. I have art directed many marketing campaigns from partnerships to paid Facebook campaigns. All these campaigns I made sure that there was brand consistency no matter the medium the campaign was in.

Groundhog Day 2016

For this years Groundhog Day myself and fellow designers wrote a script and filmed this video. We wanted to make the video look as though it was an old 80’s educational video. We focused on two groundhogs, one just a regular groundhog forecasting with his shadow, the other having evolved uses Weather Underground Personal Weather Station Network to insure his forecast accuracy. This project was something that wasn’t a request by any department but rather a fun project we did when time permitted.

Weather Underground & Giphy

Giphy approached WU to be a partner with them, where we’d have our own partner page on Giphy as well as have our gifs promoted more. So the design team set out to make our own Weather Underground voice gifs. Our first round featured our groundhog Alan, and the WunderFriends. In the first month after launch we had more impressions and clicks than ever imagined. Although not a full marketing campaign for WU, this was an excellent exercise in getting more brand recognition.

Personal Weather Station (PWS) Network

One of the main differentiators of Weather Underground is our PWS Network. This year we hit the 200,000 station mark, which is way more than the 12,000 government and public run stations. These stations are run by private individuals who allow us to use their data to make more hyper-local and accurate forecasts. This year with the 200k mark being hit we invested in a lot of marketing towards it, from featuring PWS owners, to creating graphics and working with outside agencies to show our forecasting reach.