Roles: UX/UI Designer, Developer, Art Director
Project Type: Collaborative
Live: WunderFriends

The WunderFriends had always been more of an internal asset in our office. They sometimes would appear on social media posts, but we had never fully and officially introduced them to our users. Internally our designers were working on fun short animations featuring the WunderFriends but with no real way of releasing these animations. When WUtv show began development with the Weather Channel, they saw these assets as a fun way to break up segments and promote the show. Now that we had more reason to push these characters out in front of the audience I began working on a side project to create a page for them on our website.

I used basic templates of our site to create and code a page where users could go learn about the WunderFriends. This included about each character, a place to watch some of the animations, a photo gallery, and a quiz to find out which character you are, fyi I’m a Claude. Releasing this quiz on our social media channels was a great success with an 85% completion rate! This was also a spot for people to learn more about the characters for our merchandise.

Since releasing a home for the WunderFriends to live we have marketed them more to our audience to the point where users know their names and look forward to the antics they get up to. This project was great in humanizing the weather in fun, relatable ways.