Weather Underground Style Guide

Roles: Creative Director
Project Type: Collaborative

After the rebrand we reworked many pages throughout the website to reflect this new brand, in doing so we found many places where our new design faltered and made new design choices to help with those issues. After a year we had created some inconsistency with our visual brand, as well as a brand that was growing rapidly, from tv to new products. Our former brand guideline no longer worked for the brand, was disorganized and compartmentalized. As the Design Manager I worked across our design team and marketing team to create a one stop shop that could be referenced by our employees and shared to agencies and partners WU worked with.

First problem to solve was looking throughout the site and take the learnings of our rebrand and find what needed to be reworked. So we launched subtle changes to our visual identity to refine the brand more. We also worked with engineering to make sure to create a single source for style sheets, so that everyone was using the same styles when developing pages. The design team focused on only a core amount of elements, therefor allowing designers to have more freedom when creating new products, but making sure there was a strong core style. Over the year we found that many products broke the initial rules in place, and therefore would have new styles. By focusing on a small core group of elements, we found this would allow for better product development and no need of feeling you were beholden to things such as templates.

The next issue was gathering all the guidelines from different departments and making a single guide for those needs. I focused mainly on our visual and marketing guidelines, and where they intersected. We found with more marketing we did, that having a single location to find resources was helpful, and made for a unified voice.

We are now slowly rolling out the new guidelines across the company and have found that simplifying the guides has helped in creativity and communication.