Roles: Illustrator, UI Designer
Project Type: Collaborative
Live: WunderPosters

Inspired by WPA travel posters, the design team decided to create a series of posters highlighting interesting weather phenomena, in order to help expand our audience and get new users excited about the science of weather. We designed a campaign and microsite updated for the release of each poster, one per week. To add value to the campaign, each poster was released with a set of downloadable high-resolution 8x10 images, high-res printable postcards, and desktop and mobile wallpapers.

To further audience engagement, We paired the campaign with a photo contest, encouraging users to submit their own photos that were turned into additional posters. We got a ton of user engagement from the contest. After the winners were chosen some of the Designers, including myself, creating the posters inspired by their photos of weather phenomenon. When these posters were finished we sent the winners their own copy. 

The posters that I had the priveledge in illustrating were, Lenticular Clouds, Fallstreak Hole, and Hoar Frost. After every designer was finished with their design, we as a team went through the posters and refined them so they looked to be illustrated by a single person.

These posters and postcards have been great in engaging people at conferences and as giveaways. They also adorn the office walls!