WU Storm App Campaign

Roles: Creative Director, Designer
Project Type: Collaborative

In early 2015 WU released a heavy mapping and storm tracking app, named Storm. First it was released on iOS and not much marketing and campaign budget went behind it. We allowed the app to grow organically as we refined it. Soon it had a large and loyal following and many requests for Android. Once we felt the app was stable in it’s features in design we created an Android version this year, using the latest Google Material Design guidelines. With this release we had a large budget to work on a cross device campaign and really push the app to more potential users.

With an outside agency myself and the Marketing Director art directed the agency on a campaign that fit with the identity of Storm. It’s a serious app more so than our flagship app, but still we didn’t want a personality that was too corporate. The phrase “Best App for the Worst Weather” came out as the best expression for the app, and from there we built out a campaign with pre-roll video and static images across our apps, websites, and social media outlets.